About Isolation Tank Experts

Isolation Tank Experts is an information and review web site dedicated to the world of floatation and sensory deprivation. We follow the latest trends and happenings and report them all to you here.

Our city reviews highlight the top float centers in cities all over the world and feature interviews and bios with their founders and staff.

We also encourage our users to share stories detailing their floating experiences -- both the good and the bad. Sharing our experiences in the tank can serve as both a way to explore your session for personal growth, and as a resource for others to learn what floatation is all about.

Mission Statement

The mission of Isolation Tank Experts is to promote the concept and spirit of floating for personal benefit. Whether looking for recovery, pain management, stress relief, or purely improved focus float tanks are and excellent option to achieve all of the above. Our goal is to spread the awareness and knowledge of isolation tanks and float tanks to the world. We believe that floating is the optimal way for all human beings to improve clarity, focus, and personal wellness.

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