Am I Too Heavy For A Float Tank

Being a larger or obese individual should not stop you from enjoying a great float. Read on to discover why its easier for heavy individuals to float, and what precautious should be taken when entering and exiting the tank.

10 Tips For Your First Float

Your first float is your most important float. Novice floaters have many of the same questions so we've compiled some of the most common ones and provided answers.

Should I Wear Contact Lenses In A Float Tank

Wearing contact lenses while floating in a sensory deprivation tank is not advised. Salt water in your eyes hurts bad enough, but adding a contact lens multiplies the pain. Our advise is to pack an extra set of contact lenses and put them in after you complete your float. You'll tank us later.

5 Joys Of Float Center Employees

Working at a sensory deprivation center can be a pretty awesome job. Employees generally get unlimited free float sessions, and get to see customers immediately after their floats. In this article, we cover some of the best reasons to work at a float center.

5 Frustrations Of Float Center Employees

Working in a float center is an amazingly rewarding job. But it also comes with its share of frustrations. Some of the more annoying items include late customers, constant cleaning, and boredom. We've compiled a list of the most frustrating things about working in a float spa.

Best Float Centers In Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia has a small handful of float centers but they're of the highest quality. We provide you a short list of high quality sensory deprivation centers in the city of Atlanta. Expect top quality customer service and top of the line equipment.

Can You Drown In A Sensory Deprivation Tank

Drowning in a float tank is nearly impossible for a healthy adult. This is due to float tanks having such shallow water and the increased density and buoyancy of the tank water due to high concentrations of Epsom salts.

5 Float Tank Myths Debunked

Sensory deprivation is shrouded in myth and mystery. Some of the most common myths about claustrophobia, drowning, and boredom are easily dispelled. This post details all of these myths and a few more common concerns of first time floaters.

Can I Float With Dreadlocks

Floating with dreadlocks is easily achieved when you follow a few steps. Make sure you rinse your locks before and after you float. And make sure your dreadlocks do not contain any waxes or oils because these tend to cause issues with float tank filters.

Do I Need To Close The Float Tank Door

For people who suffer from claustrophobia and fears that they'll never be able to enter a float tank, we've broken down a three step process to increase comfort and familiarity.

How Is Float Tank Water Cleaned

Topics of water cleanliness are some of the most common questions in the floating community. The most common methods used involve either chemical additions to the water, or machines that attach to the tank's filtration system. The most common sanitization tools are epsom salt, chlorine or bromine, ozone, ultraviolet, and hydrogen peroxide. We discuss them all in this post.

Best Float Centers In Dallas

Dallas, Texas has around 3 float spas in the city proper. Our favorite is Riviera Spa, but we also love visiting Vis à Vis Day Spa when we're looking to really slow down and relax. The Float Spot is a great traditional float center with awesome user stories on the Experience Wall.

Can I Float While On My Period

Floating while on your period is safe as long as you're using proper feminine hygiene. Some suggestions for floating on your period include the use of a tampon or feminine hygiene cup. Also, make sure you have not waxes or shaved for a few days before your float.

Can Women Float While Pregnant

The trend of floating during pregnancy has been gaining momentum over the years. We outline some of the benefits and answer safety questions regarding floating during the first trimester.

Best Float Centers In Seattle

Seattle, Washington has many float centers to choose from. Even more so when you include Bellevue and the Eastside. We've reviewed them all and selected only the top float spas based on location, convenience, price, and amenities.

Can Children Use Float Tanks

Children and floating. Are they allowed to participate? And if so, how young is too young?

Can You Float As A Couple

You'll find plenty of opinions regarding couples floating together, some positive and some negative. While not recommended, floating with a partner can be done successfully with the right equipment and preparation.

Best Float Centers In Portland

Looking for the best Portland, Oregon float spas? There are a multitude to choose from so we've collected only the best centers and provided details about each.

Best Float Centers In Denver

The city of Denver, Colorado has more than 15 float centers to choose from. Here's our list of the top ones with the best amenities and customer service.

Should I Float Naked Or In A Swimsuit

Floating nude is a much better experience than floating with a bathing suit on. Find out why.

Sensory Deprivation Benefits

What are the true benefits to using a float tank?

Isolation Tanks In The Media

Why are float tanks gaining such popularity in the media?

Isolation Tank Music

Is music helpful or harmful in an isolation tank?

How Much Does An Isolation Tank Cost

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Are Isolation Tanks Safe

What health or safety concerns should you have while floating in a tank?

What Is Floating

A crash course in sensory deprivation and how to prepare for your first float