How Much Does A Float Tank Cost

By Jill Smith on August 2, 2019

If you're like me, you have already experienced or read all about the benefits of isolation tanks. At this point you might be interested in purchasing one of your own. Again, if you’re anything like me, you might also be worried about the cost of purchasing one of your own! Well, this article will provide you a solid understanding of the cost of purchasing your own isolation tank.

The decision to purchase a full tank system versus paying for regular use is a difficult one. You must weigh the cost benefit of daily/weekly/monthly use at a tank center versus the steeper cost of purchase. The purchase of a tank is not a one-time expense. Most systems require regular maintenance and upkeep. Filters, salt, plumbing, and hoses are just some of the items that will need to be considered when deciding to purchase a full tank system.

A used isolation tank typically starts at around $2,500 USD. At this price point, do not expect anything remotely high end. A tank in this range will be a very basic unit, suitable for a beginning tank user. While still in the used market, expect to pay around $7,500 USD for a quality setup. This will include a quality filtration system, pump, and plumbing. As with any large purchase, the higher price you pay, the better quality and luxuries you can expect to find.

A brand new, high quality, isolation tank typically starts around $10,000 USD and can run upwards of $30,000+ USD. The highest end isolation tanks typically have features like build in LCD lighting, video displays, oxygen scrubbers and pumps, and futuristic exterior designs. When it comes to high end, custom tanks, the sky is the limit.

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