Our posts answering the most common sensory deprivation and float questions

Should I Float Naked Or In A Swimsuit

A common question asked by first time floaters is whether they should float in a swimsuit, or completely naked. While we have a strong opinion regarding this, we'd like to preface our answer saying that each user should do what is comfortable for them. With that being said, our answer is that you should absolutely float nude.

How Much Does An Isolation Tank Cost

If you’re like me, you have already experienced or read all about the benefits of isolation tanks. At this point you might be interested in purchasing one of your own. Again, if you’re anything like me, you might also be worried about the cost of purchasing one of your own! Well, this article will provide you a solid understanding of the cost of purchasing your own isolation tank.

What Is Floating

You'll hear it go by multiple names, isolation tank, float tank, sensory deprivation chamber, float pod, etc. Regardless of the name used, the idea remains constant -- a sealed, soundproof, lightproof, environment containing roughly 12 inches of water heated to roughly the same temperature of your skin. The water contains a high amount of Epsom salt to ensure sterility and buoyancy levels high enough to keep your body afloat.