What Is The Mirror Effect

By Stephanie Erickson on July 4, 2020

The mirror effect is a common sensation felt by expecting mothers while floating in a sensory deprivation tank. Pregnant women often describe it as the feeling of floating in a warm, womb-like environment, while their baby is simultaneously floating in the womb of the mother. By mirroring the baby's experience, many mothers are able to connect with their baby on a spiritual and psychological level.

As described by Northwest Float Center, pregnancy can be a time of great discomfort and floating is a way to escape the pressure of the added weight of the baby. When you enter a weightless environment, like a float tank, all of the weight and strain is lifted from the body. It's a great way to get an hour or two of relaxation during the last few months of pregnancy.

We highly recommend that expectant mothers give floating a try. Mother-to-be's relaxation will be transferred directly to baby and everybody will benefit. If you have any questions about floating and pregnancy, check out our pregnancy section of the site. We have multiple articles about the health benefits and other guides on floating while expecting.

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