Can I Float While On My Period

By Jill Smith on September 10, 2019

A common question asked frequently at float centers all over the world is if a woman float during her menstrual cycle. Well, the answer is yes. With the proper use of a tampon or feminine hygiene cup, a woman can comfortably float with little worry.

A common rule of thumb is if a woman is comfortable in a swimming pool or hot tub during her period, then she is perfectly fine floating in a sensory deprivation tank. Generally, most women wait until they have a lighter flow before floating, but nobody knows your body better than you. If you are able to go 60 - 90 minutes without needing to replace a tampon, it may be best to wait a few days.

Another concern that can affect women around their menstrual cycle is a slight discomfort around their genitals during floats. The sensation is described as being similar to a wound being exposed to salt. This is generally caused by a pH imbalance or other hormonal changes. A floater can either reschedule to another time when you are back to a healthy balance, or try applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly Vaseline or Vitamin A&D over the labia to prevent water from making full contact. While this method is not perfect, it will minimize contact with the water and offer some relief from the salt water.

Floating tips for women

  • Some of the benefits of floating include easing pain, releasing muscle tension, and reducing inflammation. These benefits can be particularly helpful during PMS.
  • Do not float immediately after a Brazilian wax. You will experience discomfort if your skin is still irritated or swollen. You should also avoid shaving for a day or so before a float.
  • Sex immediately before floating can also cause discomfort. Without enough lubricant, the skin of the vagina can suffer from micro-tears that will sting when floating. Make sure you use enough lubricant, or simply avoid sex for a day or so before floating.

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