5 Joys Of Float Center Employees

By Jill Smith on November 4, 2019

Working at a float center can be just as fun as it is frustrating. Employees have access to one of the greatest tools for relaxing and clearing your mind. And they have the ability to share that experience with others. There are a few other great benefits to working at a sensory deprivation center. We've taken a moment to compile some of the best ones below.

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Joy #1: All the free floats

This one goes without saying. Working at a float center all but guarantees that you'll get a multitude of free floats. A common technique is to hop into the tank before you start your shift in order to relax and prepare for your time. Some float center employees prefer to get their float in after their shift so they can wind down and prepare for a quiet evening. Either way, the free floats are a wonderful benefit of working at a local float center.

The perk of free floats might be enough of a benefit to make you consider your next job at a flotation center.

Joy #2: You'll become super handy

Sensory deprivation centers are full of plumbing, electrical items, and mechanical components. These things will absolutely break or malfunction over time. If you enjoy fixing items like these, working in a float center can be an absolute joy. If you're not handy, or do not enjoy working with tools, you should make sure that your duties do not include any repair or maintenance tasks.

Commonly, people who start working at a float center may not be very handy on their first day, but fast forward a few months, and they're skilled at fixing plumbing leaks, resetting breakings, and cleaning out filters and mechanical traps.

Joy #3: Speaking with customers, pre and post float

Watching customers walk into the float center stressed and hurried, then watching them emerge from their spa room relaxed with a smile one their face is one of the greatest joys of working in the float industry.

This can be even more rewarding when a first time floater comes into the studio and is somewhat timid or hesitant to relax and enjoy their float. Being able to answer their questions and be the voice of knowledge can be quite a rewarding feeling.

The "post float glow" is very much a real thing and is easily visible on most customers after they emerge from their float room. To me, being able to see the look on people's faces after a great float is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Joy #4: Lots and lots of down time

If you enjoy down time and quiet, working at a float center may be just your thing. Only on occasion, however. At times, a float center is warm, quiet, and relaxing. And at other times, particularly when somebody is late to their appointment (see Frustration #1), the front desk can be a stressful and hurried experience. But most of the time, customers are timely and friendly and you have ample time to relax and catch up on some Netflix or light reading while you wait for customers to finish up and for new customers to arrive.

Joy #5: Your skin, hair, and heart will thank you

A standard 60 minute soak in a sensory deprivation tank exposes your skin to Epsom salt that helps to soften and exfoliate rough, dry skin. There are also claims that magnesium from the salt is absorbed through the skin.

As with skin, Epsom salt is also great for your hair. It can be helpful to add life and volume to thin, limp hair. The magnesium in Epsom salt is also said to strengthen your hair and scalp. It does not dry or damage hair.

Taking advantage of free float sessions is a great way to meditate and clear your mind. Spending just an hour in the tank has the ability to decrease stress levels and reduce anxiety. Being able to decompress is a great way to clear your head and wind down.