Isolation Tanks In The Media

By Ted Doe on August 2, 2019

Isolation tanks are not common in the media. Often, they are look at as strange or exotic. Many of celebrities that have been known to use them are typically look at as exotic or eccentric. This is unfortunate because it can be easily argued that they may know something that we do not. The Hollywood types that use isolation tanks have been reaping their benefits for years!

Joe Rogan is one of the more outspoken celebrities touting the benefits of sensory deprivation. Often, Rogan will often smoke marijuana and float in his tank while high. While I can’t speak of the benefits of utilizing an isolation tank while high on marijuana, I also cannot deny the concepts that he described in the video below.

Please keep an open mind when watching this video. The ideas and concepts he describes may not be for everybody, but his intentions and reasons for using the tank are the same as anybody else.